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The business areas

Partner in Progress vision is that this world consists of sustainable transformative leaders at all levels. The mission is to transform leaders to act on the basis of their best selves. We need to start with our own personal leadership.

Partner in Progress special focus is on developing leaders from the inside to reach all the way out. To create transformation and sustainability. 

Partner in Progress have developed Leadership models from Filippas´experience of working with several thousands of leaders over the years.

The Seven Steps to Transformation - For future leadership
The Leadership Master Program, for women leaders is based on the 7 steps to transformation. This is a program of 9 months for a transformative leadership into the future, built on confidence, clarity, courage and transformation!

The 10 keys to Sustainable Inner Leadership - For sustainable self leadership 
The inner Leadership, is for employées and leaders to become conscious sustainable confident selfleaders no matter what position they have. This is a perfect start for all employees in organisations, perfect for the team to have the same level of knowledge in self leadership.

Partner in Progress business areas
1. Leadership Growth Academy – containing Leadership Programs
2. Coaching for transformation
3. Strategic process leading for management teams and boards

About me, filippa dietmann

I am good at meeting people where they are, challenging them further and pushing them where they need to be. My experiences as a manager, project manager, educator, teacher, coach and lecturer are my assets as development partner.

I am honest and say what needs to be said. I am brave and do not let my or others' fears stop the processes. I am generous with the resources I have and happy to share my skills. With my work, I want to contribute to a better world by strengthening leaders to become their very best self. To be confident, clear and courageous to lead into the future where a new kind of leadership is needed.

As a child I was very curious and interested in people. I Could sit for hours and listen as the adults talked. There was so much to learn and the excitement around psychology, motivation and behavouir aroused at early age. I have always liked sports in almost all forms and played handball for 13 years, some years at the elite level. Then I realized I was extremely goal oriented, a real competetor. I have learned a lot about myself from team sports; to work together in teams, that mental training works and that there is nothing called failure. It is all about experiences and about training more to become better, and to have the willingness and focus. Then almost everything works!

I started my professional career as a PE teacher at the age of 20 and worked in the school world for a few years. During the 1990s, I became interested in business coaching. I am a certified professional coach, CPCC, from The Coaches Training Institute in London, and a certified PCC coach according to ICF, International Coach Federation.
I have also attended a number of coach trainings, including team coach and lean coach. and I have studied psychology and leadership. I

have worked with the coaching approach over 20 years in various roles as a leader, manager, project manager, educator, teacher, lecturer, coach and development partner. During periods I have been employed, among others at LRF, the Swedish National Farmers' Association, at Penna Human Capital Management and Strandska Utvecklingshuset. I am driven by growing leaders and reaching out to many with a concept of strong confident clear and courageuos leadership.